Wicklow Active Retirement Association
Wicklow Active Retirement Association is a member organisation of Active Retirement Ireland.

We are a self-directed association of older people of Wicklow Town and surrounding area who meet to enjoy their mature years by organising a regular programme of activities:-
- indoor and outdoor exercise and sports;
- holidays, outings and socials;
- creative and learning opportunities.

Membership is open to men and women who are: -
- Over 55 years
- Active i.e. fairly fit and mobile and interested in exercising their minds and bodies.
- Retired i.e. those who are free from the shackles of full-time jobs.

Active Retirement is about independence and self-reliance.  The philosophy is one of self-help.  We organise activities ourselves for ourselves; we do things rather than have things done for us.  We share intellectual or manual skills and knowledge with our fellow members.